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Product name: LNA remote monitoring
Application Scope: it can not realize the real-time monitoring of human that it has much equipment categories and quantity, or the equipment was installed dispersed in the unit site.  The large and medium-size enterprises used LNA to work in their office.
System Configuration: Monitoring computer (7", 10", 15 "option), four core shielded wire, controlled equipment (with RS485 communication function,ARTI controller products are provided free RS485 communication function)
Product Function: it use ARCTI a new generation of ARV32.03.06 remote monitoring software platform. It can realize real-time monitoring and data saving for parameter of local equipment such as the operation status, temperature, pressure, current,  alarm message. User can set temperature, start and stop compressor on monitor computer. The system can realize real-time monitoring for multiple units at the same time, so it can greatly reduce the management cost. It also can realize real-time monitoring for units through LNA access remote monitoring computer.

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