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On 14th, SEP, Bitzer "One Belt And One Road" new technology, new ideas exchange meeting was held in the Urumchi, Xinjiang Province. ARCO get main product carbon dioxide project achievements at the exchange event. 

ARCO general manager Mr Han Xingwang share ARCO latest delivery using CO2 project achievements in 2015.The project of saughterhouses refrigeration system is a domestic large-scale renovation project, the original equipment is installed freon system in 2009, in response to the national call for energy conservation and emissions reduction, to further expand the existing production capacity, so choose ARCOCO2 unit that is high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. 

The project system is a cascade system. the system was composed of CO2 part and R134a part. the evaporating temperature is -40℃, and it can provide 85℃ hot water for pig dehairing ,85℃ hot water for processing, and 55℃ hot water for heating in winter. the system can meet 17500 ㎡ heating requirements. the CO2 heating system has replaced the existing coal-fired boiler, it can save daily 7.0 tons coal in the summer and daily 7.0 tons coal in the winter for the customer, and bring very considerable economic benefits for our customers. 

 The project is widely recognized by the guests and got high praise, ARCO will also continue to work hard for CO2 unit products, power industry development, efforts to achieve the the Chinese dream of refrigeration. 


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