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Sponsored by the ministry of commerce of China "2015 developing countries refrigeration and air conditioning installation and maintenance technical training"successful hosting on August 28 in theHarbin university of commerce, the training course attracted from venezuela, Zimbabwe, south Sudan, Tanzania, east timor, Lebanon, Indonesia, South Africa, the palestinians and other 14 countries in refrigeration and air conditioning industry related foreign friendsto attend.

on September 8, heilongjiang ARCO technology Ltd. was invited to take part in the activity and teaching, we carried on the training to students with the lecture for our company's advanced refrigeration technology, high performance of heat pump heating technology, intelligent control technology and so on , in order to make students further understand the actual application situation of CO2 hot &cold installations, we organize students tovisit a project site by our company design, production and installation large-scale CO2 unit, through the exchange of learning, field investigation and visit to make the students more intuitive understanding of the CO2 hot &cold unit.

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