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On April 1st, 2015, the 2015 cold chain technology "West Lake Swordfight" seminar held smoothly in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province that sponsored by the China cold-chain logistics alliance. The meeting discussedmainly cold storage technology blind area of cold storage enterprises at present that included ammonia, fluorine and carbon dioxide refrigeration system, applicability, input-output ratio, refrigeration effect EER, operation and maintenance cost advantages etc, the leading position in their respective fields of enterprises at home and abroad made report or comment about the equipment selection, cold storage function design and business location, etc. As one of the representative enterprises of the application of CO2, ARCO R&D Technical Director Mr Han introducedmainly R134a/CO2 cascade technology application engineering instances and its energy saving effect. ARCO puts the company development strategy focus on carbon dioxide technology and its application, research and development, manufacture and popularization in refrigeration and heating.With over 10 years CO2 system research and development experience, equipped with industrial leading German made CO2 compressor. with professional CO2 container design and intelligent control experience for many years, ARCO can ensure each a CO2 unit for customers that meet the requirements of environmental protection, energy saving, reliable and intelligent.

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