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Heilongjiang ARCO technology Ltd.  General manager: Alex Han

     As a typical representative of CO2 refrigeration technology application, since the founding of ARCO, we put the company development strategy focus on carbon dioxide technology and its application ,research and development, manufacture and popularization in refrigeration and heating. From a policy perspective, carbon dioxide as a natural working substance has excellent performance in the green environmental protection, etc . This is precisely accords with our country policy direction at present that advocates the development of environmental protection and energy saving industry. From the industry perspective,compared with traditional working medium, it hasmore advantages on safety , energy saving and easily acquired.

    ARCO’s CO2 adventure started in 1998 when the core member of its R&D team engaged in CO2 hot water heat pump testing in Japan.  Its first CO2 refrigeration system was installed for a slaughter project in Heilong jiang China in 2010.  Nowadays, CO2 product and system development has become ARCO’s core strategic focus.

   With over 10 years CO2 system research and development experience, equipped with industrial leading German made CO2compressor, ARCO has successfully further extended the CO2 offer from low temperature to heating application.  Its product range covers from 15HP residential to 300HP light commercial application.


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