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Application:Suitable for control of constant temperature eletrothermal system
Function Characteristics: Compressor step1/2, Air-cooled evaporator, Heating/Defrosting, Alarm output
Status Display——Temperature of storage display, Temperature of fin display, Total Timing for running
Alarm Display——Voltage phase sequence alarm, high and low pressure alarm, compressor current/temperature/oil pressure(the compressor has oil pump) alarm, The current of condenser/ air-cooled evaporator alarm, upper/lower limit temperature alarm, Temperature sensor of storage/fin disconnection alarm.
Technical Parameters:
Power: three-phase five-wire(or three-phase four-wire)AC 380V  50Hz
Control Accuracy:±0.1℃
Temperature Range:-50~50℃
Temperature Sensor: 2 channels  NTC(5KΩ/25℃,the value of B is 3470), the length of wire is 2m
Working Environment Temperature:0℃~60℃
Working Environment Humidity:20%~85%,no condensation.
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