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Application: suitable for control of digital piston refrigeration unit(one digital scroll compressor parallel with multiple fixed speed compressor)
Type: one fixed speed compressor, two fixed speed compressor, three fixed speed compressor
Function: energy valve control, compressor control, condenser control, Adjust the energy regulation level of unit compressor according to the low pressure. When energy output is less than 50%, adjust the energy regulation level of digital compressor. The compressor needs to return oil each 10 energy cycles and two full cycles.  When the digital scroll compressor discharge temperature is higher than the set temperature, the compressor will be automatically to full load, in order to reduce the discharge temperature. It also can alarm and prompt equipment maintenance period. it has much protection function as follow: power supply phase sequence protection alarm, discharge/suction pressure alarm, digital compressor current alarm, digital compressor oil level alarm, 1#/2# condenser current alarm, fixed speed compressor  current alarm, fixed speed compressor oil level alarm,compressor  maintenance period alarm ,ultra-high discharge pressure alarm, ultra-low suction pressure alarm, ultra-low suction temperature alarm, ultra-high discharge temperature alarm, high/low pressure Sensor wire break alarm, discharge/suction temperature Sensor wire break alarm.
Technical Parameters:
Power: three-phase five-wire(or three-phase four-wire)AC 380V  50Hz
Control Accuracy:±0.1℃
Pressure Accuracy :±0.1 bar
Suction Temperature Range:-50~50℃
Discharge Temperature Range:-50~150℃
High Pressure Range:0~30bar
Low Pressure Range:-0.8~7bar
Pressure sensor 2 channels   Input Signal 4~20mA ,the length of wire is 3m
Temperature Sensor 2 channels  NTC(5KΩ/25℃,the value of B is 3470), the length of wire is 5m
Working Environment Temperature:0℃~60℃
Working Environment Humidity:20%~85%,no condensation.
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