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CO2 Heat Pump Unit

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  • Product Features

    ◆ Green - CO2 is a natural refrigerant. It has 0 ODP and only 1 GWP, which compared with the trational Freon refrigerant;
    ◆ Non-burning process - Because there is not burning process involved, it won't produce local pollution to the air;
    ◆ Dual-supply - The unit can supply both heating and cooling simultaneously based on the demand. Max hot water temperture can go up to 95℃ for special application and its lowest evp, temperture can go down to -40℃ ;
    ◆ Energy saving - Save operating energy, comparing to traditional gas boiler, oil boiler, electrical heater (general speaking its annual operating cost is only 1/5 of LP and 1/4 of electrical heater);
    ◆ High efficient cascade system - The ARCO Split-unit applies high efficiency cascade system to ensure smooth operation at low ambiance temperture (-35℃ ) with opimization on heating and cooling efficiency;
    ◆ Reliablity - Equiped with highly reliable and efficient CO2 and screw compressor made by BITZER, with high low pressure safety valve as standard; standard configuration also include emergency standby heating function, intellegent defrost fuction, and auto-reset function to ensure the security and reliability of operation;
    ◆ Intelligent - Automatic safty control, touch screen, easy to operate and user friendy for data recording, parameter setting and alarm setting; remote fuction provides connection for remote monitering and remote alarm.

    Benefits of CO2 Heat Pump Unit

           When the ambient temperature is -15℃ , the COP of ARCO CO2 heat pump unit is around 2.8, which can save 55% of energy comsunption comparing electrical bolier. If the average COP of 3~4 during the averge winter time, the energy saving can go up to 60%. Take a 10k spm project as example, it can save 477k kw.h, or 235 ton coal during a winter, and reduce 64 ton pollution.

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