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Photoelectric Fluid Level Controller is suitable for liquid level monitoring of refrigeration system, it can be used to replace Level Float Switch.
This product consists of photoelectric monitoring parts and prism parts, the prism parts should be installed on the monitor position of liquid reservoir , circular barrels or oil reservoir in refrigeration system , the photoelectric monitoring parts dose not need  contact with monitored medium, using photoelectric sensing principle to monitor the intensity of the light reflection, to indicate that the change of the liquid level.when the liquid level is too low,  output relay of the photoelectric monitoring parts will be triggered switch off , in order to protect device. when the liquid level is normal, the output relay will be closed.
Photoelectric Monitoring Parts
Working Voltage:AC  220V±10%  50Hz
Output Relay:3A/220V
Working Environment Temperature:-30℃~60℃
Working Environment Humidity:20%~85%,no condensation
Installation Method:intercalation thread connection
The Prism Parts
Working Environment Temperature:-30℃~60℃
Maximum Operating Pressure: 35bar(-30℃~120℃)
Installation Thread Size:1/2NPT
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