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Screw Compressor Unit Controler

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Application: Suitable for control of single screw compressor(you can choose condensation method,following with air-cooled condenser as an example, an evaporative condenser was as same as air-cooled condenser)
Function:Adjust energy regulation level of compressor according to the low pressure. Economizer (ECO) control, Oil system control , Condenser control,The alarm/ prompt equipment maintenance period, Input by external control.
Status Display:Discharge/suction pressure, oil temperature, compressor status,  Economizer (ECO) status, Condenser status, oil cooler status, external control status, bypass valve status
Alarm Display:Phase sequence protection alarm, discharge/suction pressure alarm, oil level protection alarm, oil cooler current alarm, 1#/2#condenser current alarm,  current alarm, compressor current alarm, compressor temperature alarm, compressor oil flow alarm, compressor oil filter protection, discharge temperature sensor wire break alarm, oil temperature sensor wire break alarm, high/low pressure sensor wire break alarm
Working Voltage:AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Display Screen:LCD   Resolution320×240
Interface Language:Simplified Chinese
Switch Output:13 channels, the capacity of output contact  3A/AC 220V
Switch Input:12channels
Analog Input:pressure sensor 2 channels   Input Signal 4~20mA
high pressure:0~30bar, low pressure:-0.8~7bar, the length of wire is 3m
temperature Sensor 2 channels  NTC
Suction temperature range:0~150℃,
Discharge temperature range:-50~100℃, the length of wire is 5m
Measurement Accuracy:±1℃(Resolution 0.1)
Pressure Accuracy:±0.1bar
Working Environment Temperature:0℃~60℃
Working Environment Humidity:20%~85%,no condensation.

Installation form:panel type/back board type

Communication Mode:RS485(it will be supplied when you choose backboard type)

Protection grade :IP 20

Panel type:Panel Dimension:213mm(Length)×124mm(With)
Installation Dimension:203mm(Length)×114mm(With)
Appearance Dimension:243mm(Length)×124mm(With)×61mm(High)
Backboard type:Installation Dimension:243mm(Length)×114mm(With)
Appearance Dimension:243mm(Length)×114mm(With)×61mm(High)
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