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Application: suitable for temperature control of medium and low temperature cold storage.
Characteristics:  large font temperature display,Running state graphic display,
Function: compressor 1 step, compressor 2 step, aircooled evaporator, defrosting ,alarm output.
Alarm:system protection alarm,cold storage temperature sensor wire break alarm
Working Voltage:AC  220V±10%  50Hz
Measurement Range:-50~50℃
Measurement Accuracy e:±1℃(resolution0.1)
the capacity of output contact:3A/AC 220V
Sensor Type:NTC,the length of wire is 2m
Working Environment Temperature:0℃~60℃
Working Environment Humidity:20%~85%,no condensation
Protection class:IP20
Installation Form:Panel type
Panel Dimension:78mm(Length)×36mm(With)
Installation Dimension:71mm(Length)×30mm(With)
Appearance Dimension:78mm(Length)×36mm(With)×65mm(High)
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