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Piston Compressor Unit Controler

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Application: Suitable for control of two parallel piston compressor(you can choose condensation method,following with air-cooled condenser as an example, an evaporative condenser was as same as air-cooled condenser)
Function:Adjust the working number of compressor and energy regulation level according to the low pressure. Cyclical prompt the alarm/equipment maintenance. Input by external control.
Status Display:discharge/suction pressure, discharge/suction temperature, compressor1#/2#/3#status, condenser 1 #/ 2# status, external control status。
Alarm Display:power supply phase sequence protection alarm, discharge/suction pressure alarm,1#/2# condenser current alarm,1#/2# compressor current alarm,1#/2# compressor temperature alarm,1#/2# compressor oil pressure alarm, high/low pressure Sensor wire break alarm, discharge/suction temperature Sensor wire break alarm.
Technical Parameters:
Working Voltage:AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Display Screen:LCD  resolution320×240
Interface Language:Simplified Chinese
Switch Output:7 channels, the capacity of output contact  3A/AC 220V
Switch Input:12channels
Analog Input:pressure sensor 2 channels   Input Signal 4~20mA
high pressure:0~30bar, low pressure:-0.8~7bar, the length of wire is 3m
temperature Sensor 2 channels  NTC(5KΩ/25℃,the value of B is 3470),
Suction temperature range:-50~50℃, Discharge temperature range:-50~100℃, the length of wire is 5m
Measurement Accuracy:±1℃(Resolution 0.1)  
Pressure Accuracy:±0.1bar
Working Environment Temperature:0℃~60℃
Working Environment Humidity:20%~85%,no condensation.
Installation form:panel type/back board type
Communication Mode:RS485(it will be supplied when you choose backboard type)
Protection grade: IP 20
Panel type:Panel Dimension:213mm(Length)×124mm(With)
Installation Dimension:203mm(Length)×114mm(With)
Appearance Dimension:203mm(Length)×124mm(With)×61mm(High)
Backboard type:Installation Dimension:243mm(Length)×114mm(With)
Appearance Dimension:243mm(Length)×114mm(With)×61mm(High)

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